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Thank you for visiting , which is managed by Fun Adventure EOOD.

We respect your personal data and we wish to protect them from malicious practice. To learn more please read out General Terms. They explain the way we collect, use and (in certain situations) disclose your personal information. By visiting our website, you accept our user policy. We only collect information about you wherever necessary and significant for our relationships. We keep this information for the time required by law or if necessary for the purposes, for which it was provided. You can visit the website and surf without having to provide your personal data. During your visit of the website you will remain anonymous and at no time whatsoever we will be able to identify you.

The information we need

We collect, store and process your data to be able to make your booking on the site and any other eventual later requests related to our services. We may need personal information including, but not limited to your name and e-mail address.

We will use the information you provided to process your orders and provide to you services and information on our website, to send you the information we believe will be of use to you or that you have requested from us, including information about our services, provided you have explicitly stated that you do not object to be bothered for these purposes. We could contact you by e-mail with details of other products and services only if you have agreed to that. If you prefer not to receive any advertising and marketing messages from us, you can reject this service at any time.

Your data will not be provided to third persons.

If you decide to provide personal information to us, you will agree with its transfer and storage on our servers.

Other types of use of your personal information

We could use your personal information for opinions and market research. Your data are anonymous and will only be used for statistical purposes. You can choose to refuse that at any time. No answers to questionnaires or opinion polls will be disclosed to third persons. Your e-mail address is necessary only if you wish to participate in surveys. We will store the answers of the questionnaires separately from your e-mail address.

We could also send you other information about us, about the website, about other websites we have, the services we provide, trade promotions, bulletins, information about other companies or our business partners. If you prefer not to receive additional information, you can reject the service at any time.

Disclosing your information

We can disclose your personal information in order to answer the legal requirements, to implement the policy of this website, to clarify problems emerged in line with violations of the rights of other people or to protect rights, property or for safety reasons. The information will be announced in compliance with the laws and by-laws in force. We could also share your personal information in the following situations to:

1 . Third persons with whom we use common content and services (such as registration, transactions and for client communications), in cases necessitating disclosing and preventing potentially illegal actions and violations of our policies and for assisted decisions on our products and services. Such third persons will use this information to send you marketing messages only if you have requested their services.

2 . Service providers helping us with our business operations (such as investigation of frauds, collection of receivables and client communications).

3. other third persons to whom you have explicitly wished your information sent (or of which you have been explicitly informed and have agreed to).

4. legal authorities, other government agencies or third persons demanding information related to penal proceedings, allegedly illegal activity or any other activity that can become a threat to us, you or some other user. The personal data we could provide include your name and e-mail address

5. Other business partners with whom we are planning to merge or to be bought by them. (In such situations we will demand from the new enterprise to follow our personal data protection policy. If your personal information gets used in contradiction to this policy, you will be warned of it.)

Third persons and links

You may share your personal data with other companies which are our partners, with our agents and sub-contractors processing the user data. We may transfer our database containing your personal data if we sell our business of part of it. Apart from these situations, we will not sell or disclose your personal data to third persons without your prior consent or we shall be obliged to do it by law. The website may contain advisements of third persons and links to other sites. Please keep in mind that we cannot be held responsible for the personal data protection or the content of such third persons or for other sites.


Your information will be stored on our servers. We treat your data very responsibly and use many instruments to protect them from unauthorized access (encryption, passwords, physical security etc.).

We possess the appropriate technical and security systems to prevent unauthorized access, occasional loss or deletion of your information. We keep your personal data on a protected server and use firewalls on our servers.

Your rights

If you are worried about your data, you have the right to request access to them. You have the right to demand from us to correct inaccuracies in your data free of charge. At every stage you have the right to demand us to stop using your personal data for marketing purposes.

General terms

We can change these General terms at any time

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