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At 180 km from Sofia and 20 km from Bansko, in the southern part of the Rila Mountain is the old village of Dobarsko. The Klinoshtitsa River runs through the land of Dobarsko and its feeder, Klinets, runs through the village itself. The village is an ancient Bulgarian settlement. The people living there speak a dialect that is characteristic of the Razlog speeches of the Western Bulgarian dialect. The most popular tourist attraction in the village is the St. Theodore Tyron and St. Theodore Stratelates Christian church, built in 1614. The church draws attention with its exceptionally valuable frescoes and icons that feature great skill and use of non-traditional motifs. The unusual techniques used by the painters cause some people to see the image of Jesus Christ in a spaceship on the painted walls. The church is a cultural monument and is protected by UNESCO. It’s part of the one hundred national tourist sites of the Bulgarian Tourist Union.

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