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The eponymous cave is located 55 km northeast of Strymonikos bay, near the municipality of Alistrati, in the area of Petroto. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful and largest caves in Greece as well as in Europe. Although the cave has been known by the locals for years, it became known to the Speleological Institute of Greece as late as in 1975.

The main reason for the genesis of the cave is the solubility of the limestone in the area of Petroto. The presence of branches and different-level layers facilitated the creation of the cave with high corridors and excellent decoration. There is a great morphological and age diversity of stalagmites and stalactites in the cave. There are stalactites that often clog the galleries of the cave as well as ones that are in the initial stage of their formation.

The entrance area of the cave is a beautiful hall with a height of eight metres. From this hall, several galleries with an altitude reaching up to 30 metres begin. The main sectors of the cave are at the right and left side of the entrance and start from one large hall, the meeting hall, which is 60 m wide, 100 m long, and 20-30 m high. Following the right gallery, one comes to a new 2-3 m wide gallery, where the decor is impressive and becomes even richer. Particularly impressive are the huge stalactites and the forms of suspended facades on the wall of the gallery coloured in milky white. In this part of the cave, there are plenty of thin tubular stalactites resulting from the rapid movement of the water. At the end of that gallery, there is a large corridor and in the last hall there is a large complex of stalagmites, which is more than 10 m high and 7 m wide.

The second corridor, which is almost parallel to the previous one but larger and richer in the variety of its forms, leads to a gallery of red stalactites. The height of the gallery is huge here, too, and at places reaches about 35 metres. The length of the known primary and secondary corridors is about 3 km and in the cave organisms can be found such as centipedes, bats, and others. It has been found that the temperature is almost constant – 20°C – and the humidity is almost 75%.

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